Book Review by Rachel Baddoo

Book Review by Deborah Frock
May 16, 2021
Book Review by Florence Hutchful
June 26, 2021

“As I read through the pages of this book – A woman’s guide to her body and health, I knew that it was a book which I would not only keep close by to make reference from time to time, but also a book which I would recommend to many ladies – especially “lay people”( like me). Dr Barbara Enstuah seems to have covered every possible condition, especially those affecting women and to me she has succeeded in her aim to help women to have a better understanding of medical conditions they have been diagnosed with or symptoms they may be experiencing. The language used is not complicated and can be easily grasped by a non-medical person.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has defined health as “ a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” . Dr Entsuah, knowing and recognising the beneficial effects of a healthy soul and spirit on the body, also prescribes effective remedies for the soul and spirit thereby supporting the WHO definition of health.

I found the layout of the book helpful – health from a global view and the types and practices of medicine; understanding medicines and why we take them and the various systems in the body and diseases associated with each system.

It is clear that Dr. Entsuah is passionate about the fact that women should take charge of their health and with this informative book, women can appreciate to a greater extent the way their bodies work and become more knowledgeable, for as the old saying goes, “Knowledge is power”. I want to congratulate Dr. Entsuah on writing this book and pray that many women may read it, find it useful, and be blessed by it.”