Book Review by Florence Hutchful

Book Review by Rachel Baddoo
May 16, 2021

“Dr. Entsuah believes that the ‘spiritual health of any individual  is as important as that person’s emotional and physical health.’ In view of this, in the final part of this amazing book ‘A WOMANS GUIDE TO HER BODY AND HER TOTAL HEALTH’,  she looks at spiritual health or healing from a Christian perspective, drawing from her own experience and pointing the reader to the person who, in her view, is the ultimate source of health and well-being, her Lord and her savior Jesus Christ. THE GREAT PHSYCIAN.  There are six (6) main themes that she addresses in this section making reference to appropriate scriptures to support each theme. They are: Relationship with God; Living with Offense; Forgiveness; Prayer Life; Blessed to be a Blessing; Achieving Contentment; A Balanced life and its rewards.

It is apparent from Dr. Entsuah’s narrative that her personal relationship with God has been longstanding. It is therefore not surprising that her worldview is forged by her Christian faith and values. She presents readers with the option for holistic health in her treatment of the above listed topics.

She articulates the central beliefs of the Christian faith in very simple and engaging terms, portraying God’s redemptive love in Christ, in a manner  that encourages even people of other faiths to reflect on this option. She does not impose her faith, she however highlights the potential benefits of reading this section of the Book. She explains in detail, the concept of sin, the fall of man and shares God’s plan for reconciliation, she then proceeds to provide a step-by-step approach to salvation.

To buttress the need for and the benefits of salvation, Dr. Entsuah shares her own conversion story, her faith journey, which began with a young Barbara who through participation in a Scripture Union Camp, came face to face with her Savior. This is Barbara’s story, her testimony. The beauty of this section is the clarity and the passion with which Dr. Entsuah recounts her own experience. Needless to say, this encounter had and continues to have a tremendous impact on Dr. Entsuah’s life.

She also captures, very succinctly, some critical tenets of Christianity such as dealing with offence, forgiveness, prayer and blessings. She brings incredible depth to the link between unforgiveness, and the resultant stress and illnesses. She shares some cogent and compelling reasons why we should first of all forgive ourselves, as well as those who offend us.

Here again she explains the steps that one can take to live in forgiveness as well as how one can maintain a close relationship and walk with God through prayer. Dr. Entsuah  cites examples of women in the Bible who prayed earnestly and received answers to their prayers. These examples, together with the overall biblical view of prayer she provides, highlight the importance of the discipline of prayer in an individual’s life.

Dr. Entsuah also provides us with the biblical foundations for blessings. She believes that we have all been endowed with gifts, talents and treasures and can therefore nurture those gifts in order to become channels of blessings.  She dispels the notion that only the rich are blessed and can therefore be a blessing to others.

Addressing the issue of a balanced life, Dr. Entsuah offers important insights into the interrelatedness between the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of health and creates a heightened awareness of the need to focus on all three facets, in pursuit of holistic health.

In my opinion, every woman, irrespective of her spiritual leanings or orientation will benefit immensely from reading this section of the book. The believer will be challenged to go back to the basics of the faith, and those who are still searching, will obtain practical answers to some important questions that may have been bothering them for years.

Dr. Entsuah leaves no doubt in the readers  mind that, you cannot talk about holistic health, without addressing the spiritual dimension. She wraps it all up beautifully, with a prayer for the reader.

Finally, let me say that this book and in particular this section is a must read for every woman who desires life  and life in all its fullness.