Book Review by Deborah Frock

Book Review by Rachel Baddoo
May 16, 2021

“When I was 20 years old and about to marry, my mother gave me the “Betty Crocker Cookbook.” It was the “American Bible” for cooking. My copy is so loved that the cover is taped together, the pages scribbled on and many well used pages have lost their binding. The Holistic Guide to a Women’s Health is an International “Bible” for women’s health.

I looked at this book with my own personal health in mind and found suggestions to alleviate several systematic issues. I viewed it from the eyes of my daughters. I want them to know this information. I scrutinized it as an Executive Director of a nonprofit working to educate women in developing nations on health issues often treated as a curse instead of a disease. In the end of my examination, I found the information presented in this book is relevant to every woman regardless of age, race, or social economic status. I applaud you, Dr. Entsuah, for creating a well needed reference for women’s health”.