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This month’s topic is on the heart. We just celebrated Valentine’s Day and people gave and received symbols of Love and Affection from those who cared for them.  

Now what did you give to YOUR HEART? Your heart is important in the areas of Physical, Emotional and Spiritual health. Prov. 4v 23 says “Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life” (NKJV).  It denotes life in one’s body soul and spirit and we need to show love to OUR OWN body, soul and spirit, NUTURING EACH ONE of them.

We show love to our physical heart by keeping it healthy. Many diseases may affect it:
1. Hypertensive heart Disease
2. Heart failure
3. Coronary heart Disease
4. Heart Attack (MI)
5. Irregular heart beat conditions
6. Enlarged heart

Diseases of Heart and blood vessels are the main causes of death in most countries, including limited resource ones.
Risk factors for heart conditions include: Preventable ones like Diabetes, Hypertension, high cholesterol, cigarette smoking, Obesity in mid section, and lack of exercise/physical activity.

Some non-preventable ones (one can’t do much about)are: Age, Male, Postmenopausal women, Family history of Premature death from heart disease (age less than 45 yrs).  It is not all doom and gloom because we can reduce individual risks or give our hearts some love by:
*Exercising & increasing our physical activities
*Eat healthy and watch portion size of meals
*Use a small plate to limit food portions
*Eat more vegetables and fruits (whole fruit is better than fruit juice; eat rainbow colors)
*Eat less “white” carbs- e.g. white rice, bread, pasta, and sugar. Do whole grains
*Control your BP with medicines, healthy diet e.g. DASH or Mediterranean diets (look them up)
*Good control of blood sugar if one has Diabetes or Pre-diabetes
*Good control of Cholesterol
*Take Any Medications as prescribed, and don’t ran out of them. Get Refills ASAP
*Go for regular checkups and Lab. Tests e.g. Blood sugar, cholesterol, kidney tests etc.
*Get vaccinated against Covid, the infection can cause inflammation of the heart and weaken it
*Decrease stress in your life
*Stop smoking if you do, and take alcohol in moderation if you drink
*Socialize with friends ; helps mental health
*Mental health- especially Depression is linked to heart disease so seek help early


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Dr. Barbara Entsuah MD (physician, author, speaker)