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Dr. Barbara Naa Chicher Entsuah is a Physician specializing in Family Medicine. She obtained her medical degree at the University of Ghana Medical School in Ghana, West Africa and she did her Family Medicine Residency in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has practiced medicine in Ghana, Liberia, Canada and the United States for over 30 years. She presently lives in Florida, where she has practiced medicine in the city of Clermont for over 14 years.

She loves Women’s Health and Preventative Medicine and always encourages her patients to incorporate life style changes in their health management. She is the Vice President of Gateway of Hope, Inc. a non-profit organization she co-founded with her husband to serve the people of Florida, Ghana and beyond. Since 2000, she and her husband Jojo have been leading mission teams to Ghana to do free medical clinics, address women’s health issues and present education empowerment, and sexual education to young people.

Other areas include health education, work among women groups and churches, and the establishment of an elementary school in Boate Village in the Eastern Region of Ghana. In Florida, she has organized health fairs and assisted other organizations reach out to the community. She is active in her local church – FaithPoint Church and is involved with the Prayer, Missions and Hospitality Ministries. She is married with three adult children, Akua, Afua and Ebo.

A Woman's Guide to Her Body and Her Total Health is Out Now!

A Woman's Guide to Her Body and Her Total Health has been written by Dr. Barbara Entsuah after practicing medicine for over 30 years. It is to empower women to know about their bodies, what diseases affect it and how they can both prevent these or be knowledgeable about them. It teaches, among other things, how to treat minor illnesses like common cold, allergies etc at home for symptom relief and the need to see a health professional if there is no improvement thereafter. It also encourages women to be involved in their own health by knowing about their medical conditions or diseases so that visits to health providers can be meaningful as well as useful. Both conventional medicines and complementary/Alternative medicines are addressed and awareness of medications and what indications they are being used for and side effects of different medicines are also addressed.

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  • Florence Hutchful <br> Managing Partner
    "Dr. Entsuah believes that the ‘spiritual health of any individual  is as important as that person’s emotional and physical health.' In view of this, in the final part of this amazing book 'A WOMANS GUIDE TO HER BODY AND HER TOTAL HEALTH’,  she looks at spiritual health or healing from a Christian perspective, drawing from her own experience and pointing the reader to the person who, in her view, is the ultimate source of health and well-being, her Lord and her savior Jesus Christ. THE GREAT PHSYCIAN.  There are six (6) main themes that she addresses in this section making reference to appropriate scriptures to support each theme. They are: Relationship with God; Living with Offense; Forgiveness; Prayer Life; Blessed to be a Blessing; Achieving Contentment; A Balanced life and its rewards. It is apparent from Dr. Entsuah’s narrative that her personal relationship with God has been longstanding. It is therefore not surprising that her worldview is forged by her Christian faith and values. She presents readers with the option for holistic health in her treatment of the above listed topics. She articulates the central beliefs of the Christian faith in very simple and engaging terms, portraying God’s redemptive love in Christ, in a manner  that encourages even people of other faiths to reflect on this option. She does not impose her faith, she however highlights the potential benefits of reading this section of the Book. She explains in detail, the concept of sin, the fall of man and shares God’s plan for reconciliation, she then proceeds to provide a step-by-step approach to salvation. To buttress the need for and the benefits of salvation, Dr. Entsuah shares her own conversion story, her faith journey, which began with a young Barbara who through participation in a Scripture Union Camp, came face to face with her Savior. This is Barbara’s story, her testimony. The beauty of this section is the clarity and the passion with which Dr. Entsuah recounts her own experience. Needless to say, this encounter had and continues to have a tremendous impact on Dr. Entsuah’s life. She also captures, very succinctly, some critical tenets of Christianity such as dealing with offence, forgiveness, prayer and blessings. She brings incredible depth to the link between unforgiveness, and the resultant stress and illnesses. She shares some cogent and compelling reasons why we should first of all forgive ourselves, as well as those who offend us. Here again she explains the steps that one can take to live in forgiveness as well as how one can maintain a close relationship and walk with God through prayer. Dr. Entsuah  cites examples of women in the Bible who prayed earnestly and received answers to their prayers. These examples, together with the overall biblical view of prayer she provides, highlight the importance of the discipline of prayer in an individual’s life. Dr. Entsuah also provides us with the biblical foundations for blessings. She believes that we have all been endowed with gifts, talents and treasures and can therefore nurture those gifts in order to become channels of blessings.  She dispels the notion that only the rich are blessed and can therefore be a blessing to others. Addressing the issue of a balanced life, Dr. Entsuah offers important insights into the interrelatedness between the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of health and creates a heightened awareness of the need to focus on all three facets, in pursuit of holistic health. In my opinion, every woman, irrespective of her spiritual leanings or orientation will benefit immensely from reading this section of the book. The believer will be challenged to go back to the basics of the faith, and those who are still searching, will obtain practical answers to some important questions that may have been bothering them for years. Dr. Entsuah leaves no doubt in the readers  mind that, you cannot talk about holistic health, without addressing the spiritual dimension. She wraps it all up beautifully, with a prayer for the reader. Finally, let me say that this book and in particular this section is a must read for every woman who desires life  and life in all its fullness.
    Florence Hutchful
    Managing Partner
    2MB Consulting Services Limited
  • Rachel Baddoo <Br> Attorney
    "As I read through the pages of this book - A woman’s guide to her body and health, I knew that it was a book which I would not only keep close by to make reference from time to time, but also a book which I would recommend to many ladies – especially “lay people”( like me). Dr Barbara Enstuah seems to have covered every possible condition, especially those affecting women and to me she has succeeded in her aim to help women to have a better understanding of medical conditions they have been diagnosed with or symptoms they may be experiencing. The language used is not complicated and can be easily grasped by a non-medical person. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has defined health as “ a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” . Dr Entsuah, knowing and recognising the beneficial effects of a healthy soul and spirit on the body, also prescribes effective remedies for the soul and spirit thereby supporting the WHO definition of health. I found the layout of the book helpful – health from a global view and the types and practices of medicine; understanding medicines and why we take them and the various systems in the body and diseases associated with each system. It is clear that Dr. Entsuah is passionate about the fact that women should take charge of their health and with this informative book, women can appreciate to a greater extent the way their bodies work and become more knowledgeable, for as the old saying goes, “Knowledge is power”. I want to congratulate Dr. Entsuah on writing this book and pray that many women may read it, find it useful, and be blessed by it."
    Rachel Baddoo
    Private Practice
  • Deborah Frock<br/> Founder/Executive Director and Speaker
    "When I was 20 years old and about to marry, my mother gave me the “Betty Crocker Cookbook.” It was the “American Bible” for cooking. My copy is so loved that the cover is taped together, the pages scribbled on and many well used pages have lost their binding. The Holistic Guide to a Women’s Health is an International “Bible” for women’s health. I looked at this book with my own personal health in mind and found suggestions to alleviate several systematic issues. I viewed it from the eyes of my daughters. I want them to know this information. I scrutinized it as an Executive Director of a nonprofit working to educate women in developing nations on health issues often treated as a curse instead of a disease. In the end of my examination, I found the information presented in this book is relevant to every woman regardless of age, race, or social economic status. I applaud you, Dr. Entsuah, for creating a well needed reference for women’s health".
    Deborah Frock
    Founder/Executive Director and Speaker
    Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope, Inc.

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Gateway of Hope's (GOHInc) Work on Women's Health

Breast and cervical cancer screening: In the last ten years, Gateway of Hope, Inc (GOHInc) NGO founded by Jojo and Barbara Entsuah has been engaged in a number of Health outreaches during its annual mission outreach to Ghana, which have included, Free Out Patient Medical Clinics, Women’s Heath Seminars, and in particular Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening and Prevention presentations. In the process of researching for her latest book on Women’s Health, Dr Barbara found that most women in middle and low income countries did not have the luxury of in office Cervical cancer screening or mammograms for breast cancer screening. So during her trips to Ghana she embarked on Helping other screening methods to women in the community.

1. Cervical Cancer Screening Gateway of Hope, Inc has collaborated with a number of different Health Entities in providing Cervical Cancer Screening and Pre-Cancer treatment as indicated below to various communities in different parts of the country .

a. The Cervical Cancer Prevention Training Center (CCPTC) of Battor Catholic Hospital in Battor, Volta Region, headed by Dr. Kofi Effah and our organization. The collaboration has worked in the following areas – Ashongman Community in Accra, Greater Accra Region hosted by the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Boateh Community in the Eastern Region, Adah community in Greater Accra Region sponsored by Every Home for Christ Ministries of Ada. The Battor hospital has been foremost in the training of medical personnel for effective screening practices.’

b. With the Reproductive Health Department of Our Lady of Grace Hospital in Breman Asikuma - Health Clinics were held at Broferyedur Suburb, of Cape Coast in the Central Region and at the Redemption Baptist church which hosted the screenings.

c. With Independent Clinicians/Nurses - The Clinics were held in mainly Out-Patient settings with the cancer screenings run along side medical clinics attended by a team of local and US based medical personnel (Doctors, Final Year Medical School Students, Pharmacists, Physician Assistants, Nurses and auxiliary participants), under the direction of Dr. Barbara Entsuah.

d. In 2018, we also screened women for breast and cervical cancer at an outreach in Madina outside Accra, sponsored by the local Methodist church.

On the average, about 250 patients were attended to during the general Health clinics in each location, and an average of 50-100 women received the Cervical Cancer Screening in each location. Cervical Cancer Screening for women has become a significant element of Gateway of Hope Inc. efforts at cancer preventative health measures to the Ghanaian populace. Finally, Gateway of Hope, Inc has been instrumental in the distribution of the hand-held, mobile EVA Colposcope (developed by MobileODT) in Ghana. GOHInc first introduced the Colposcope to the Country in 2017. This device makes it easier to take cervical cancer screening into the communities where women live and work.

2. Breast Cancer Screening This has been through the teaching of Self Breast examination and Clinical Examination by a health worker. We also use the Breast-i device for enhanced examination. It was developed and marketed by High Innovation Center (HIC). The examinations were carried out concurrently with the Cervical Cancer Screening at the various listed locations.

Barbara Entsuah, MD. (Vice President- Gateway of Hope, Inc.)